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Sheilam succulent garden and nursery

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Sheilam succulent garden and nursery

Walk through a vast variety of cacti, succulents and cycads.  
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Sheilam succulent garden and nursery

The Old Man of Peru, Mother-in-Law's Chair,
Horses' Teeth...

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Sheilam succulent garden and nursery

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Sheilam nursery - cactus and succulent garden

Sheilam succulent garden and nursery

Established in 1954 Sheilam Cactus and Succulent Nursery has been owned and operated by the Schwegmann family since 1967.

Located near Robertson, 170 km outside Cape Town, South Africa, and boasting approximately 2000 species of plants, the nursery is recognised by authorities as one of the finest collections of specimen plants.

Discover plants such as The Old Man of Peru, Mother-in-Law's-Chair, Horses' Teeth, Elephant Feet, Klipplante (stone plants), Bushman's Grape and lots more!

Our visitors and clients say:

I have never seen anything like this!
Very informative.
I have never seen a cactus flowering...
Thanks Minette, you are a great lady - Cok Grootscholten, Netherlands
Your packaging are superb and my plants arrived in mint condition. Thank you for your effort -  Japanese client
I have never seen such BIG plants... they must be very old


Established in 1954 by Mr L Malherbe who named the farm after his children - Suzan, Helene, Elizabeth, Izak, Louise and Marsha thereby the name SHEILAM. Mr Malherbe was already 70 years old when he started the farm with his collection of old plants. In 1967 the farm was bought by Lloyd and Winnie Schwegmann, Lloyd extended the farm with his personal collection of plants. Since 2003 the farm is owned by Garth and Minette Schwegmann. 

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Sheilam Cactus Garden & Nursery
Klaasvoogds West Road
Robertson 6705 | South Africa

Phone: +27 (0)23 626 4133 
or +27 (0)23 627 0032

Opening Hours:
Mo-Thu: 8am - 5.30pm
Fridays: 8am - 4pm 
Saturdays: 8.30am - 2pm

Greenhouses not open to the public over weekends

Closed on Sundays and religious holidays (Good Friday, 25 & 26 December)

NB: Nurseries and clients requiring specialist attention, by appointment only.