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our cacti and succulents Garden

SHEILAM boasts a vast variety of cacti, succulents and cycads. The farm has been recognized by authorities as owning one of the finest collections of specimen plants world-wide. Marvel at the sizes, shapes and colours of the very big and the very small. Get up close to the wonderful world of camouflage, self-defence mechanisms and survival strategies. If one looks closely, the most interesting textures and designs are found.


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We offer Guided Tours for groups of minimum 4 people. Please book well in advance!

Sheilam succulent garden and nursery

Echinocactus grusonii

Mother-in-law's chair or Golden barrel cactus. Specimens of nearly 1 meter tall and 80 cm in diameter are in the collection. These plants are almost extinct in the wild due to the construction of a dam (Mexico).
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Sheilam succulent garden and nursery

Cyphostemma juttae

Bushman's grape - this specimen is 3m tall. The red berry like fruit is very attractive, but toxic (Namibia).

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Sheilam succulent garden and nursery

Agave victoria-reginae

These lovely small agaves are from Mexico. This plant flowers once in its lifetime.


Sheilam succulent garden and nursery

Oreocereus celcianus

With it's long dense white hairs it is known as the old man of the Andes. It grows in Bolivia, Peru and Northern Argentina.


Sheilam succulent garden and nursery

Sheilam succulent garden and nursery

Dioscorea elephantipes

Also known as Elephant's foot or turtleback plant. A caudex plant with a heavily armoured storage organ that resembels a turtleback (RSA).


Sheilam succulent garden and nursery

Neobuxbaumia polylopha

or "Cone cactus". Originates from Mexico. Can grow up to 13 meter. 

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School classes are welcome! 

And we offer guided tours
for minimum groups of 4. 

Please book well in advance!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10h00 and 13h00
Cost R125 per person
Minimum pax 4
Booking essential
Duration approximately 1.5h
No credit card facility

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Sheilam succulent garden and nursery

Aloe dichotoma

These dichotomously branched trees are from Namaqualand. The Bushmen made quivers from the stem...hence the name Quivertree.

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